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The Difference Between Male and Female Sex Toys

What To Look For When You Shop

Men and women are very different, and so it makes sense for their sex toys to have some distinct differences too.

As the saying goes, women are from Venus and men are from Mars. The difference between the two genders is something that were all familiar with but did you know that there is a big difference between male and female sex toys too? Here are some of the ways sex toys for men and women differ and why its so important you choose the right one.

Safe for male use

One of the biggest differences between male and female sex toys is that male toys cant get lost. Youll notice that many male anal toys have a flared base. This is so they cant slip inside completely while they are being used saving you a rather embarrassing trip to A&E! Most female sex toys dont require this feature because of, you guessed it, differences in anatomy. This is why they arent safe for male anal play. You can also buy anal toys for beginners that are designed to introduce your body to anal sex.

A wider choice

When you come to buy male sex toys, youll notice that there is so much more variety. You can pick up small toys like cock rings and butt plugs and then go all the way up to seriously impressive vibrators and dildos. While there are lots of sex toys out there for women, theres just not as much difference between different products. So if youre a guy, youve got lots of experimentation to look forward to! Remember, if its your first time using a toy start small and work your way up!

Designed for men

A lot of men assume that they could just use female sex toys and not be able to tell the difference. While theres no doubt that youd get some enjoyment out of the experience, youd soon notice the difference if you have some male and female toys to hand. Male sex toys are designed with a guys anatomy in mind. So theyll do things like stimulate the prostate, whereas female toys are designed to simulate the clitoris and g-spot.

Helps men to experiment

When a guy picks a sex toy, he can choose something like a male masturbator to simulate the feeling of performing penetrative sex, or an anal sex toy to use on himself. For fairly obvious reasons of human biology, girls dont have that choice! So male sex toys can help a guy who is just starting to experiment to figure out his preference in the bedroom. Toys take all the pressure out of sex, and you can just take the time to get comfortable and figure out whats right for you.

Buying your toys

If you want to buy toys for men, then its important to go to a trusted retailer. Esmale are the leading online supplier of Anal Toys for Men, and all their products are for guys. So there will be no confusion over whether the product you have your eye on is for male or female use. For men buying toys for the first time, having a store thats very much guys-only makes their shopping experience so much easier.

Will you treat yourself?

Now that you know just how different male and female sex toys are, theres no excuse to pick up the wrong one again! With a huge range of male sex toys ready to order at Esmale, youll be able to treat yourself (and a partner if you have one!) to a very cheeky purchase or two.

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