Gatwick Airport

4 Fun Things To Do On A Gatwick Stopover

Making It The Most Fun Part of Your Trip

Got a long layover? Then hire an escort and make the most of the time before your next flight!

Got a stopover at Gatwick looming on the horizon? Its something that most travelling gentlemen like yourself dread but not if you liven up your stopover with one of the Gatwick escorts at Fantasy London Girls! Here are four things to do during your time together.

A romantic meal

An escort is the perfect person to share dinner and drinks with. After all, dining alone on a layover is no fun. So put on your best clothes and enjoy a delicious meal with a beautiful woman to keep you company. The best escorts are really fun and easy to talk to, so there will be no awkwardness between courses.

Fulfil your fantasies

Is there a fantasy that you have always wanted to fulfil? Then why not make your stopover the time you bring it to life? In the privacy of your hotel room you can open up to your escort and share your deepest desires with her. As a highly skilled seductress, shell make all your dreams come true.

A sensual massage

A massage is the perfect way to relax after a gruelling flight before you get back on another plane. Taking the time to get to know your body intimately, your escort will use her very talented hands to work all of the tension from your body, leaving you completely satisfied.

Fun in your hotel

Why not take advantage of your hotels facilities with your escort? Whether its a dip in the pool, room service or raiding the mini bar, living like a five star guest is much more fun when you have someone to do it with. So crack open the champagne and let your hair down!

Book your gorgeous Gatwick girl

Of course, there is an almost endless list of things you could get up to during your Gatwick stopover. Whatever you have planned, be sure to have your escort booked with plenty of time to spare so that you can get the fun started as soon as you step off the plane!

Cardiff escort

The Best Girls In The Business Are From Cardiff

The Best Girls In The Business

If you want to head out on a date with one of the most beautiful women in the city, then go online to book an escort.

Have you always wanted to hire an escort but just dont know where to start your search? Then use an online directory! A Cardiff Escort Directory is the number one resource for Cardiff guys looking for hot, flirty girls to spend an evening with. Youll be able to pick from a huge selection of gorgeous escorts, and you can arrange a date at a time and place that suits you in no time at all. Its so quick and easy, youll wonder why you didnt try it sooner!

The most gorgeous escorts in Cardiff

When you access an escort site like Escort Directory, youre getting to take your pick from the most beautiful girls in Cardiff. Now, isnt that a dream come true a huge selection of gorgeous girls to choose from? From brunettes to redheads, curvy English roses to petite exotic stunners, youre sure to find a local beauty who is the stuff of your deepest fantasies.

Compare and contrast

You can compare different escorts before you decide on the girl whos perfect for you. Everything from her measurements to her personality is documented on a girls comprehensive escort profile. So you can pick which on you think that youre most likely to hit it off with. You can browse at your own pace, taking the time to choose your dream date. Theres no pressure at all.

Heres to a great night!

A great night is just around the corner when you secure yourself a hot date through Escort Directory. If youre nervous about hiring an escort for the first time, youre not alone. However, you can be sure that by booking a professional escort through a trusted site like Escort Directory, youll get the best possible service delivered with the utmost discretion. So all thats left for you to do is to start planning your fun-filled night out in Cardiff with a gorgeous girl on your arm!

Enjoy A London Staycation This Christmas

Enjoy A London Staycation This Christmas

As the winter sets in, everyone wants to jet off to exotic, warm locations for some relaxation, tanning and to enjoy the good things in life. If you arent planning on jetting off this Christmas, theres no need to feel down. You can enjoy a fulfilling staycation in London visiting the various Christmas pop up markets, Christmas shopping on Oxford Street and checking out the citys Christmas lights.

You could hire a cheap escort in London to accompany you for the weekend to enjoy some good food, Christmas culture and the night life in the city.

See a different side to the city

Everyone deserves to rest and relax after a busy working week, especially if youre holding down a busy job in the city. When it comes to arranging your staycation, book a hotel in a different part of the city, like the trendy East London area or the glamorous West End for a few nights. Trying a new location will give you the time to explore new areas, whilst still being in the comfort of the city.

A beautiful date

With the hotel booked, why not call a local escorting agency to arrange a girl to come and keep you company? Booking through a reputable and professional agency means that you will be able to take your pick from a variety of beautiful and intelligent women, arranging a time and place that suits your plans. Spend the evening with your escort, whether it be a seductive night in or a night on the town!

Your night of fun

There are so many things to see and do in London at Christmas time. You could spend the evening at a Christmas markets like Winter Wonderland, going to the funfair rides, drinking mulled wine and eating delicious street food. If you fancy a more sophisticated evening, why not book a theatre and meal experience for the evening? Whatever you decide to do, your escort will be by your side all night.

Staycation right on your doorstep

A London staycation is a great thing to do this Christmas. You might not have the hot weather, crystal blue water and cocktails on hand but a few days in the capital unwinding will make you feel refreshed and ready to go.


Your Sexy Alternative Barcelona Tour Guide

Make The Most of Your Time in The Catalan Capital

If you’re jetting off to Barcelona soon, then hiring Eva for a fun date or two is a no-brainer.

If you’re heading to Barcelona for the first time this summer, then you’re in for a treat! There’s no better time to experience Spain’s most popular city than during the warmer months. If you’re going to be taking a solo trip to the Catalan capital, then you’ll probably want someone to show you the sights while you’re there. Well, don’t just tag along with a regular tour guide – hire a more exotic Barcelona resident instead. Eva Rodriguez, one of the many elite escorts Barcelona boasts, would be more than happy to show you a very different side to the city.

A date that suits you

Whether you’re in Barcelona for business or pleasure, you’ll be looking to enjoy a date that fits in with your schedule. Eva is one of the city’s most accommodating escorts, and she’ll be happy to meet up a time and place that suits you. You can get things started at your hotel, where she’ll arrive discreetly; or meet at one of the city’s many landmarks. Unsure? Ask Eva, and she’ll be happy to come up with a plan.

A different side to the city

Eva will be able to show you a totally different side to Barcelona then the one you’ll see on tours or read about in guidebooks. She knows where all the hidden gems are, and also has a lot of knowledge about the city’s, shall we say, cheekier side. You can go and watch a burlesque show together, visit a decidedly risqué museum or just explore parts of the city that aren’t part of the busy tourist trail. It pays to have an open -minded, knowledgeable girl like Eva by your side, that’s for sure!

Sun, sea and sand

While you’re in Barcelona, you’ll want to make the most of the Mediterranean climate. After all, the weather back home can be a little less reliable! You can enjoy a date at the beach with Eva – she just loves to flaunt her gorgeous bikini body for her clients. Or maybe you’ll enjoy a dip together in the pool back at your hotel. Whatever you get up to, Eva is the embodiment of sizzling summer fun.

A night of passion

After a long day exploring the city, there is nothing better than recharging your batteries with a little TLC from your stunning Barcelona escort. Eva is passionate about leaving her clients totally satisfied, and will do all that she can to show you new meanings of the word ‘pleasure’. With a background in exotic dancing as well as lots of escorting experiencing, she’s got many talents. Now, a night like the one you’ll have with Eva is something that you just won’t get with any other kind of companion showing you around the city!

What are you waiting for?

Now that you know just how much fun a few hours in her company can be, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be pencilling a date with Eva into your diary. She’s incredibly popular with both tourists and locals alike, so don’t delay booking until you’re in town. Instead, plan ahead and book an evening with her as soon as you know the dates of your trip. That way, you can step off the plane knowing you’re in for a real treat!

escort agency

Agency or Individual escort

When choosing an escort do you hire from an escort agency? Or opt for an individual escort?

Usually people do hire escorts from actual agencies like DD London Escorts, but are there any benefits to this? Well, escort agencies specialise in the business, which has its advantages.

Hiring escorts from agencies

Agencies will screen escorts for quality and health, and not all of them will be accepted, and because of this you can be pretty sure you will have a good and safe experience with your escort. Escort agencies do vary in cost, from more ‘budget’ options to more premium. They will usually have full information on their websites and you should be able to find any answers to your questions there, or by calling the agency up.

Sometimes when contacting an escort agency either by phone or through their website, you will be asked several questions which determine your personality and requirements. This does actually also serve as a background check and verifies you.

High end escort agencies will use the answers you gave to choose a suitable escort for you, which in turn will lead to a better experience all round.

Usually escorts that work with agencies are very professional and will normally have been briefed on the answers you gave, so they can mentally prepare themselves and understand your needs and requirements, all of which again lead up to a better time for you. Often clients, when they find a good agency that fulfills their needs, will stick with the same agency, becoming a ‘regular’.

You should always let the agency know your requirements, is there anything in particular you want your escort to wear? And tell them any fetishes or kinks, again this is all so they can match you with a perfect escort that they have available, leading to a more fun encounter.

Of course there are some bad escort agencies, but they are few and far between, a reputable one will always offer you the best possible service, attempting to accomodate your requirements and always setup a booking with an escort you have agreed on. However some escorts opt to work without an agency, and they don’t necessarily do this because they haven’t been accepted by the agency, or passed its screening test. They simply do not want to share their money with the agency.

Usually escorts start their careers working with an agency and then move on to work on their own, utilising the internet and various sex services websites to build up their client base.

There is no real difference in booking through an agency or choosing an escort that works on their own, as always make sure you do some research in to both before making your choice, and more importanly have fun!


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mature escort on bed

Dating In Bromley

Finding That Special Someone

Dating doesn’t need to be a stressful experience – not when you know how much fun there is to be had on your doorstep!

Are you a single guy in Bromley? Well, you’re lucky to be living in one of the best areas for single men in Kent! There are a wealth of dating choices out there, from singles events to escorts for hire. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been single for a few years, are a young man who’s totally new to the dating scene or have just split from a partner – there’s going to be the perfect option for you! So make yourself a cup of tea, sit back, and find out what Bromley has to offer single gentleman.

Put yourself first

Before you get out there, it’s important that you’re looking and feeling great. Self-esteem can always take a bit of a hit when you’re single – and that’s even more magnified if you’ve just come out of a messy breakup. So take a little bit of time that’s just for you. Hitting the gym, treating yourself to a new wardrobe and working on your self-worth will do wonders for your romantic prospects. Once you’re feeling good about yourself, you’ll find that you become much more outgoing and confident when approaching and talking to women.

Dating in Bromley

So, what’s going on for singles in Bromley? Well, it’s a lively part of Kent with a great nightlife, so there’s no lack of opportunities to get out and meet someone! There are lots of great pubs to choose from, many of which hold live music evenings or other events. You never know, you could meet someone there! The Partridge, The Barrell & Horn and The Swan and Mitre are three of the best local pubs. If it’s an actual singles event you’re looking for, then do a little research to see what’s going on near you. Introduction agencies host regular evenings where you can meet fellow singletons, and you’ll find lots of other meetups in nearby areas too.

Local escort agencies

A great option for men who want a little no-strings fun is to hire an escort. If you can’t resist the charms of a sexy older woman, then you’re in luck! There are some stunning mature escorts in Bromley who would be delighted to spend an evening with you. Hiring an escort means that you can have a date that’s totally customised to your unique needs and desires. From where you meet to what you do during your time together, you call the shots at all times. Remember, there’s no right or wrong reason to hire an escort. Whether you want simple companionship or a passionate night together, you can have the date of your dreams in Bromley just by calling an escort agency!

Take that leap

If you’ve been a little hesitant in getting out there and finding love, then hopefully you’re feeling a little braver! Remember, you need to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes. Your fellow singletons will all be in the same boat though – and if you hire an escort she’ll be totally understanding too. Go on – get yourself out there! 2017 could be the year that you finally spice up your love life.

Where To Find The Best Brazilian Escorts in London

Brazilian escort in LondonSpice Up Your Love Life With a Little Bit of Rio Sunshine

Brazilian women are some of the most desirable in the world, and you can bag one all for yourself in London.

Let’s face it, January in London isn’t exactly joyous. Christmas has been and gone, the weather is dull and grey and no one is really feeling great about themselves. Well, there’s no need to feel gloomy for a moment longer – not when you can spice up your evenings with a little bit of Brazilian sunshine! By hiring a gorgeous Brazilian escort, you can be guaranteed a night of fiery Latin passion with no strings attached! Now, what red-blooded man wouldn’t like the sound of that! Interested? Well, read on to find out more about Elite VIP Escorts London stunning Brazilian escorts in Mayfair.

What’s a Brazilian girl’s appeal?

What is it that’s so sexy about Brazilian women? They’ve certainly attracted a lot of attention recently, what with the Rio Olympics last year. Remember the sexy beach volleyball team? Yes, we thought so! Famed for their incredible figures, sex appeal and confidence, Brazilian women have a worldwide appeal. From skimpy bikinis on the beach to the racy carnival costumes that are famous all over the world, these ladies just love to flaunt their bodies. They’re also incredible lovers too – or so we’ve heard. Full of fiery passion and confident enough to take the lead if you want them to, a night with a Brazilian temptress certainly isn’t one you’d forget in a hurry.

Finding a good escort agency

It’s important that you hire a date from an escort agency who have lots of experience in the industry and have a dedicated client base. There are lots of escort agencies in London, but it can be tricky to find the best. Luckily, Elite VIP Models are one of those top escort agencies– and they’re home to the hottest Brazilian escorts too. So by booking with Elite you can be sure that you’ll be meeting up with an experienced, adventurous and confident woman who will wow you in the bedroom.

Your Brazilian beauty

If you do want to hire a Brazilian escort for a night of fun, then you can’t get much better than Victoria. Fresh from sunning herself in a tiny bikini on the beaches of Rio, she’s got curves in all the right places that you just won’t be able to take your eyes off. She’s young, fun and when it comes to her love life, wants to experience everything that there is to try. Which means that she’s very adventurous. If you’ve got a fantasy that you’ve always wanted to fulfil, this cheeky, confident lady is the one to try it with.

Book now for a night of fun!

Want to indulge in a little bit of Brazilian escapism in chilly London this January? Well, then here’s what to do next. By getting in touch with your top local escort agency, you can secure yourself a hot date quickly and easily. There are lots of Brazilian bars and clubs in the capital, so why not indulge in a night out like no other with your escort? After you’re both done painting the town red, she’ll show you exactly what makes women from this part of the world so special.

Local Escorts Are Not Always The Best Idea

Where to Travel to Meet a Hot Escort

If you’re worried about people finding out you’ve hired an escort, then consider travelling a little further afield.

When you’re looking for an escort, chances are you’ll be searching for ones in your area. Don’t book just yet though! While meeting up with a local escort may be convenient, it can actually turn into a complicated and stressful situation for you both. The risk of running into someone that you know is a lot higher if you’re meeting up with escorts near you, and you’ll be a lot more on edge. The result? While your date with an escort may be fun, you won’t be as relaxed as you could be. So why not look a little further afield for your next hot babe?

Awkward encounters

Bumping into your friends and family while you’re out with an escort can be embarrassing to say the least. Your escort will be more than happy to go along with a story to save your blushes – but would you really want to have to think on the spot like that? Better to meet up in a location where you’re not likely to run into any familiar faces. You and your escort will be able to enjoy a night out on the town free of any worries, and just spend your evening focusing on each other.

Keep your reputation intact

If you’re a local businessman, you’ll naturally want to preserve your good reputation. While there’s no shame in hiring an escort, some people can jump to the wrong conclusions. This could in turn be quite damaging to you. After all, gossip can travel quickly – and it’s scary what just a few rumours could do to the fortunes of your business. So why take the risk? Keeping your personal and business lives separate is a good idea if you’re concerned. By travelling to meet your escort in a neutral location, you can be sure that you’ll be free of any prying eyes and unwanted attention on your love life.

Just leave all your worries behind

Meeting up with an escort in some place new, above all else, is fun. You’ll get to really let your hair down, whether that’s in a buzzing club or your very own private party in a hotel room. You’ll feel like a totally different person when you’re spending time with a gorgeous woman away from home, and you’ll find it easy to leave all of your everyday stresses and worries behind. It’s the best kind of escapism.

Meet a gorgeous escort in Poplar

When there’s no stress involved, the whole experience is much more pleasurable. You’ll be able to relax in your escort’s company, and really open up to her about what it is that you want to do during your time together. If you’re planning to meet up with a gorgeous lady in Poplar, then why not give Suzanne’s Escorts a call? They’re the number one provider of escorts in Poplar, and you can rely on their discretion and professionalism always. So, book a hotel room for the night, hire a gorgeous escort and just have fun!

There’s nothing stopping you now!

Now that you’re in the know, there’s no reason to take a little trip across the capital and meet up with a hot escort in the London-Kent borders. You’ll be able to enjoy a date with little to no distractions, and you won’t have to worry about who you’ll run into while you’re out having fun. So why not treat yourself to a night of unforgettable passion? Go on – you deserve it!


The Profitable World of Escorting: An Insight


The world of escorting is one of great and high rewards. But it’s also a world with lots of traps and dangerous valleys. You get a bit of everything, and if you want to stand out and win a lot of money, then you need to have the right focus. You have a lot of competition as well, so you need to focus on how to stand out from the crowd.

Are you ready to begin the change? We spoke to Suzannes escorts & Babes Of London for some of the latest advice, and share what we learned here, This article will guide you onto the right direction. You can be sure of that.

It’s Profitable If You Are worth It:

2If you want to earn serious money on this, then you need to offer something else besides sex. In fact you don’t offer this directly, but we all know how this market moves and works. The point is to offer features and qualities which go beyond that aspect.

Speaking many languages with fluency is a great feature. This will allow you to capture a different type of client, which is the one you must look for. The kind of men who do not have any problem paying hundreds of dollars per hour for your services.

You cannot sell an empty box for £100. But you can pretty well sell a box full of valuable things for over £100. This is how this market works and you need to learn it. If you want to be successful on this, then you must be worth it.

This is a reality which is present in any kind of field or business. If you are worth it, then people will pay for your services. But if you are not, then, you won’t get much money. Play by this principle and you will obtain success.

This is something you need to accept and embrace. If you are not worth it, then it won’t be as much profitable as it could be. This is how the market works, and you either play by its rules or allow yourself to die while others profit big time.

We need to adapt ourselves to the rules of the market. There’s no other way around it. The ones who succeed are the ones who play by the rules and identify the best ways to exploit them. In which group do you want to be? We are sure you want to be in the group of the winners.

Better Profits and More Security As an Escort


What if you could earn more money as an escort while remaining safer? It’s true that escorts can earn a lot of money, but it’s also true that they have to face certain risks that expose their lives. If you are an escort interested in leveling up your income and protecting yourself more from those risks you know about, then this piece of content is the perfect place to be right now.

The unique thing we recommend you is to pay close attention to what we will discuss here. We are pretty sure you will enjoy this read.

Are You a Newbie?

2If you are quite new to this world, then the best move you can do is to work with an escort agency in London. It’s the best way to gain the experience needed to become successful on this trade.

You can always start on your own even if you are a newbie, but you also need to know that working with an agency is safer and will bring you the so-necessary experience you need to become very successful. So that’s our first advice for you, give it a try please. It will work very well for you.

If you are new, like pretty new with no experience at all, then the best move is to work with an agency. This will save you from many risks that menace this world of escorting and bring you the experience you need to later work on your own terms.

If You Have More Experience…

2But if you have some experience or lots of it, but are tired of working with an agency, then you can pretty well go ahead and work on your own. This will bring you better profits, but you will need to invest bigger efforts.

By bigger efforts we mean that you will have to take care of client acquisition on your own. This can be quite hard for the beginner, but all you need to do is to partner up with someone who can take care of creating your website and driving traffic to it.

This all you need to take care about. As you can see it’s not hard to understand. All you need to take is massive action and invest. Clients will arrive to you and your profits will grow. Isn’t that what you need right now. So just do it and make your business grow!