New To Poppers? What Type Of Popper Is Most Suited To You?

The Complete Beginners Guide

Want to transform your love life? Then why not experiment with some poppers? Heres everything you need to know.

If youre looking to experiment with poppers, then you probably have a few questions. What are they? How do they work? Are they safe? What ones are right for me? Well, you can relax as we have the answers to those questions right here, as well as where you can find the best poppers for sale.

What are poppers?

First things first what are poppers? There are lots of misconceptions surrounding them, and some men may be put off by things that arent even true. So, lets clear a few things up. Poppers are a legal substance that you can inhale to make you feel relaxed and euphoric. They dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow and lower your blood pressure and they make orgasms much more intense too! Their muscle relaxing effects also make them ideal for using during or before anal play.

Are they safe?

A lot of people like the sound of poppers but worry that they arent safe to use. Theyre not addictive, and the effects are not long lasting. You can indulge without feeling like youre going to lose control or become hooked. Its because of this that they have become such a staple in the gay community, and men use them on a regular basis to spice up their love lives. If youre just getting started, here are some poppers that are perfect for beginners.

Berlin XXX

Berlin XXX are one of the most well-known poppers brands in the world, and their popularity is pretty justified! Theyre pretty powerful, but those new to poppers love them as their effects arent too overwhelming. So, if you want to play with poppers that pack a punch but dont want to feel out of your depth, these are the perfect ones for you.

Tribal Juice

If youre feeling overwhelmed by the number of poppers out there, then take some advice from those who have come before you. Tribal Juice poppers are considered pretty old school, but thats only because they have been loved by gay men for so many years. Mellow and smooth but with a serious hit, these are iconic for good reason.

Liquid Gold

If youre shopping for your poppers on a tight budget, then may we suggest Liquid Gold? These poppers are at the cheaper end of the scale, but that doesnt mean that you will be sacrificing on quality if you buy them. They are pretty powerful but are used by people of varying levels of experience.

Where to shop

If youre going to invest in some poppers, its really important to buy yours from a trusted site such as Popper Super Shop. Not only will you get to take your pick from one of the largest selections of poppers in the UK, but you can be sure that the ones that youre buying are of the highest quality. So why not take a look today? With so many great poppers to choose from, including the ones we have just mentioned, youll be truly spoilt for choice. Go on then treat yourself!

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