New To Poppers? What Type Of Popper Is Most Suited To You?

The Complete Beginners Guide

Want to transform your love life? Then why not experiment with some poppers? Heres everything you need to know.

If youre looking to experiment with poppers, then you probably have a few questions. What are they? How do they work? Are they safe? What ones are right for me? Well, you can relax as we have the answers to those questions right here, as well as where you can find the best poppers for sale.

What are poppers?

First things first what are poppers? There are lots of misconceptions surrounding them, and some men may be put off by things that arent even true. So, lets clear a few things up. Poppers are a legal substance that you can inhale to make you feel relaxed and euphoric. They dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow and lower your blood pressure and they make orgasms much more intense too! Their muscle relaxing effects also make them ideal for using during or before anal play.

Are they safe?

A lot of people like the sound of poppers but worry that they arent safe to use. Theyre not addictive, and the effects are not long lasting. You can indulge without feeling like youre going to lose control or become hooked. Its because of this that they have become such a staple in the gay community, and men use them on a regular basis to spice up their love lives. If youre just getting started, here are some poppers that are perfect for beginners.

Berlin XXX

Berlin XXX are one of the most well-known poppers brands in the world, and their popularity is pretty justified! Theyre pretty powerful, but those new to poppers love them as their effects arent too overwhelming. So, if you want to play with poppers that pack a punch but dont want to feel out of your depth, these are the perfect ones for you.

Tribal Juice

If youre feeling overwhelmed by the number of poppers out there, then take some advice from those who have come before you. Tribal Juice poppers are considered pretty old school, but thats only because they have been loved by gay men for so many years. Mellow and smooth but with a serious hit, these are iconic for good reason.

Liquid Gold

If youre shopping for your poppers on a tight budget, then may we suggest Liquid Gold? These poppers are at the cheaper end of the scale, but that doesnt mean that you will be sacrificing on quality if you buy them. They are pretty powerful but are used by people of varying levels of experience.

Where to shop

If youre going to invest in some poppers, its really important to buy yours from a trusted site such as Popper Super Shop. Not only will you get to take your pick from one of the largest selections of poppers in the UK, but you can be sure that the ones that youre buying are of the highest quality. So why not take a look today? With so many great poppers to choose from, including the ones we have just mentioned, youll be truly spoilt for choice. Go on then treat yourself!

men women sex toys

The Difference Between Male and Female Sex Toys

What To Look For When You Shop

Men and women are very different, and so it makes sense for their sex toys to have some distinct differences too.

As the saying goes, women are from Venus and men are from Mars. The difference between the two genders is something that were all familiar with but did you know that there is a big difference between male and female sex toys too? Here are some of the ways sex toys for men and women differ and why its so important you choose the right one.

Safe for male use

One of the biggest differences between male and female sex toys is that male toys cant get lost. Youll notice that many male anal toys have a flared base. This is so they cant slip inside completely while they are being used saving you a rather embarrassing trip to A&E! Most female sex toys dont require this feature because of, you guessed it, differences in anatomy. This is why they arent safe for male anal play. You can also buy anal toys for beginners that are designed to introduce your body to anal sex.

A wider choice

When you come to buy male sex toys, youll notice that there is so much more variety. You can pick up small toys like cock rings and butt plugs and then go all the way up to seriously impressive vibrators and dildos. While there are lots of sex toys out there for women, theres just not as much difference between different products. So if youre a guy, youve got lots of experimentation to look forward to! Remember, if its your first time using a toy start small and work your way up!

Designed for men

A lot of men assume that they could just use female sex toys and not be able to tell the difference. While theres no doubt that youd get some enjoyment out of the experience, youd soon notice the difference if you have some male and female toys to hand. Male sex toys are designed with a guys anatomy in mind. So theyll do things like stimulate the prostate, whereas female toys are designed to simulate the clitoris and g-spot.

Helps men to experiment

When a guy picks a sex toy, he can choose something like a male masturbator to simulate the feeling of performing penetrative sex, or an anal sex toy to use on himself. For fairly obvious reasons of human biology, girls dont have that choice! So male sex toys can help a guy who is just starting to experiment to figure out his preference in the bedroom. Toys take all the pressure out of sex, and you can just take the time to get comfortable and figure out whats right for you.

Buying your toys

If you want to buy toys for men, then its important to go to a trusted retailer. Esmale are the leading online supplier of Anal Toys for Men, and all their products are for guys. So there will be no confusion over whether the product you have your eye on is for male or female use. For men buying toys for the first time, having a store thats very much guys-only makes their shopping experience so much easier.

Will you treat yourself?

Now that you know just how different male and female sex toys are, theres no excuse to pick up the wrong one again! With a huge range of male sex toys ready to order at Esmale, youll be able to treat yourself (and a partner if you have one!) to a very cheeky purchase or two.

Ensure Your Stay in Knightsbridge Has A Happy Ending

Ensure Your Stay in Knightsbridge Has A Happy Ending

Book a Gorgeous Local Escort

When in Knightsbridge, it makes sense to sample the delights offered by the best escort agency in town.

Knightsbridge is one of the most affluent, exclusive areas of London. So if youre going to be staying in this part of town, youll need a date who looks the part! Luckily for you, theres a ready supply of girls at the best Knightsbridge Escort Agency. La Belle Affaire are the agency of choice for discerning men and heres what you can expect from a date with one of their babes.

A global affair

When you book an escort for a date in Knightsbridge, you can take your pick from girls from all over the globe. La Belle Affaire recruit so many different girls to come and join their elite London agency. Youll find British babes with killer curves and cheeky charm, alongside exotic stunners with breath-taking bodies and open-minded attitudes. Whatever your dream woman looks like, youll find her there.

Your night on the town

Knightsbridge is one of the best areas in London for a date night. There are lots of great restaurants for you to choose from ideal if youre just looking for simple companionship and to share a romantic meal with a beautiful woman. Hawksmoor is the restaurant of choice for the best escorts in town. For a night on the tiles, head to Buddha Bar and dance the night away with a La Belle Affaire babe.

A happy ending

After youve sampled the delights of Knightsbridges nightlife, then its time to head back to your hotel. Wherever youre based for your stay in Knightsbridge, your escort will be delighted to keep you company. The escorts at La Belle Affaire have spent lots of time honing their skills of seduction, and will be able to bring your wildest fantasies to life behind the closed doors of your hotel room.

Discretion guaranteed

With a great service and fun-loving attitude comes real professionalism. The ladies at La Belle Affaire are incredibly discreet, and will be on their best behaviour during your date in Knightsbridge. They will be dressed appropriately too, as youd expect from a girl used to spending time in Londons most affluent neighbourhood. No one you come across will guess that shes an escort.

You call the shots

An appointment with an escort is great for men who arent in town for long. Your escort wont expect any kind of commitment from you, so she wont be offended if your Knightsbridge rendezvous is a one-time thing. Its much easier to just call an escort agency rather than try to find a like-minded girl on Tinder. So it doesnt matter if youre a businessman or a tourist youll be able to enjoy some casual hook ups with no pressure on you to commit!

Book your escort today!

So, youve got your trip to Knightsbridge arranged. Why not add a finishing touch to your stay with a premium London escort? The girls at La Belle Affaire are always in high demand, so we recommend booking your escort as soon as youve finalised your travel plans. Once youve experienced a night with one of the most talented temptresses in the business, you will wonder why you never treated yourself sooner!

Girlfriend Experiences in Essex

Girlfriend Experiences in Essex

The Escorts That Have It All

If you want a night with an escort thats intimate and unhurried, then ask for a girlfriend experience.

If youre looking for a no-strings hook-up but dont want to sacrifice on intimacy and affection, then weve got the perfect solution. A girlfriend experience (GFE) appointment with an escort will leave you feeling both emotionally and physically satisfied. If you get in touch with Hot Babes, the leading provider of Essex escorts, youll be able to see what all the fuss is about. First though, heres everything you need to know.

What is a girlfriend experience?

So, lets get one thing straight first. What exactly is a girlfriend experience? Its a phrase thats bandied around a lot but for a guy whos never hired an escort it wont mean much. Well, a girlfriend experience is a genuine romantic experience. Youll be able to enjoy physical intimacy with your gorgeous escort, but theres more to it than that. Youll cuddle, flirt and just spend time enjoying each others company too. So you can look forward to enjoying dinner at a great Essex restaurant before heading back to yours for some unhurried fun.

The best of both worlds

We know what some people are going to say. Why not just get a girlfriend? Well, an escort offers the best of both worlds. You get all of the good stuff that comes with having a girlfriend someone to go on dates and holidays with, someone who you can really open up to but with none of the negatives. So, theres no pressure to commit, no expectations when it comes to birthday and Christmas presents, and the ability to keep your own schedule. Theres really nothing to dislike about it!

Ideal for busy men

The girlfriend experience is ideal for busy men who are looking for more than a mindless hook up. For example, a businessman with a hectic schedule may not have much time to date but he doesnt want to just satisfy his physical urges with a one-night stand. Instead, he wants to spend time with a woman who he can really connect with, someone who is going to listen to him and then help him to put all the stresses of the day behind him. A GFE escort is the ideal option. In no time at all, he could be seeing a gorgeous woman at a time and place thats convenient for him.

Only hire the best

If youre tempted to hire an escort for a girlfriend experience appointment, theres one thing that you should remember. Always book with a good agency like Hot Babes. Youll be guaranteed a beautiful escort, as theyre very selective about who they sign up. Their escorts have spent a long time perfecting their skills of seduction, so theyll be able to leave you feeling like a whole new man. They are kind, understanding and discreet too, and will treat your needs and desires with the sensitivity and respect that they deserve.

Book your girlfriend today!

So, are you ready for a truly unforgettable evening? From the first moment of your appointment youll be looked after, with your stunning escort tending to your every need. A girlfriend experience is the perfect treat for any occasion, so make sure that you get in touch with Hot Babes sooner rather than later. Their girls are so popular, so you dont want to miss out!

Best Nights Out Near Oxford Street

Best Nights Out Near Oxford Street

Where to Take Your Hot London Escort

If you want to let your hair down in style, then head to some of the clubs near Oxford Street.
Want to party until the early hours? Then look no further than the area surrounding Londons famous Oxford Street. Here youll finds some of the hottest clubs in the capital. If youre in need of a date, then get in touch with Agency Barracuda, the top London Escort Agency. Their babes are true party girls and are ready to hit some of the best nightspots in town with you this weekend!


Libertine by Chinawhite is a must visit for anyone wanting to party in style, and its not hard to see why. Its considered by many to be the centre of the London clubbing scene, and it offers revellers a truly luxurious experience. Some of the most famous DJs in the world have performed here, so you and your escort will rub shoulders with the stars.

The 100 Club

The 100 Club has to be one of the most iconic nights out in London. A popular fixture on the party scene since 1942, this venue has hosted some of the most famous names in music including The Who, The Kinks and The Clash. So if you are serious about music, take your escort here for a great night.

Tape London

Tape London offers a high-end, elite clubbing experience for a global crowd. Theres always an exciting event lined up, so check before you visit. Youll have to be dressed to impress to get past the bouncers but youll only have to worry about your own outfit as Agency Barracuda escorts are always dressed elegantly.

The London Cocktail Club

Looking for something a little more refined? Then head to the London Cocktail Club. This venue is a stones throw from Oxford Street, and is the perfect place to relax after a day of shopping. Combining the best of cocktail bars and clubs, this nightspot is the perfect place to sip on a perfectly mixed Martini in the company of a gorgeous girl.

The Maddox Club

For those who are in the know, only a members club will do for a night out. The Maddox Club is one of the best places to party near Oxford Street. If you arent a member yet, you can enquire and keep your fingers crossed! The Agency Barracuda girls are at home at some of the most exclusive clubs in town, so if youre able to get into The Maddox you know where to find a date!


Last but not least is Bonbonnierre. This fantastic London club is real favourite with the rich and famous, attracting names such as Paris Hilton, Will.I.Am, Nicole Scherzinger, Tinie Tempah and Jordan Dunn. Thanks to her model good looks, your escort will fit right in with any starlets there on the same night as you.

Its time to party!

Now that you know where to head for an epic night out, why not book an Agency Barracuda escort and let your hair down in gorgeous company? You can always extend your time with your Oxford Street escort with a stay in a hotel so go wild and splash out to make a weekend out of it. After all, you only live once!

London’s Best Escort Agency

Londons Best Escort Agency

Why a High-Class Escort is Always Worth the Money


If youre looking for the best escorts in the capital, then head straight to Babes of London, the hottest agency in town.

Have you been thinking of hiring an escort but still have some niggling doubts? Then allow us to help you out a little! The easiest way of ensuring that you have an incredible evening with an escort is by hiring her from the best agency in town. Babes of London are regarded by many gentleman as the number one London Escort Agency. Heres what makes them so special.


Gorgeous girls

Its at Babes of London that youll find the most gorgeous escorts in the business. The Babes team are really particular about who they invite to join this most exclusive of agencies all so that a client can have a truly unforgettable experience. Each girl has been chosen for her stunning good looks and sex appeal, so youll be able to find the woman of your dreams in no time at all whether shes a blonde, brunette or redhead.

Skills in the bedroom

Being a great escort isnt just about looking gorgeous. No, youve got to know your stuff too. The girls at Babes of London are highly skilled seductresses, and they have all the talent and knowledge to make your dreams come true. Its only at a top agency you get escorts who are trained to such a high level. It doesnt matter if you have a specific fantasy in mind or are happy to see where the night takes you shell leave you totally satisfied.


The escorts at a top agency like Babes of London are suited to all kinds of dates. You can hit some of the best clubs in London. These girls love to party all night, and are always dressed glamorously to get into the most exclusive venues. Or you could enjoy a dinner at one of the most romantic restaurants in London together. Perhaps though, you just want to kick back and relax in your hotel room. Whatever you have planned, a Babes of London escort will be right by your side.

Fantastic agency staff

When you arrange an appointment through a high class escort agency like Babes of London, youll deal with a knowledgeable, respectful team. They will be able to answer any questions that you may have about a date with one of their escorts, and will be able to put your mind at rest straight away. They will also never pressure you into booking more appointments or conceal the total cost of a date.

Discretion guaranteed

The best escorts in the capital take their jobs very seriously, and will always carry out their work with the utmost professionalism. They will be dressed elegantly for your date, allowing you to go anywhere in London and turn heads for all the right reasons. They will also be on their best behaviour throughout your time together, so you can enjoy your appointment with complete peace of mind.

Go on, you deserve it!

Now that you know where to find the best escorts in London, why not treat yourself to an appointment with one? Youll call the shots throughout your time together, and your date will be tailored to your unique needs and desires. With so many men in London already swearing by their elite escort services, it doesnt make sense to miss out on the fun at Babes of London for any longer!

The Benefits of a Full Body Massage

The Benefits of a Full Body Massage

Why You Should Treat Yourself


A full body massage has both mental and physical benefits. So why not treat yourself to an appointment with Absolute Male Massage?


Massage has long been one of the most popular ways to relax and unwind. After youve been treated to a full body massage, youll feel incredibly relaxed. The benefits of massage go much deeper though and you can get the best full body rub at Londons top agency. Absolute Male Massage is where youll find the specialists in male massage London guys just keep coming back to. Using their knowledge and intuition, they will help you to reap all the benefits that massage offers. Heres how a few appointments at this leading massage agency could have a really positive impact on your well-being.


Physical benefits

A massage benefits a man physically, both in the long and short term. If youre carrying a few lingering aches and pains from sitting at a desk all day or playing sports, then a massage is one of the quickest and easiest ways to soothe them. It is possible that it can aid in the treatment of things like digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and recurring headaches too. So it will help you now and in the future.


Mental benefits

The physical benefits of massage are easy to see and feel, but it can really help you to achieve better mental health too. Massage has long been thought to soothe anxiety, and the feeling of closeness and connection you get during a full body massage really does make you feel safe and cared for. It can help to reduce stress too, so its perfect for those who have a lot on their plate and want to unwind.


Why a full body massage?

So, is there a particular kind of massage that a guy should opt for? There are so many different types out there, so it can be hard to know which is right for you. If you want to reap all the rewards that a massage can bring, always opt for a full body one. That way, every inch of your body will be lavished with attention, and youll finish your appointment totally satisfied. A full body massage is longer than one that targets a specific area too, so youll be able to enjoy plenty more me time!


Book with the best

Its really important that you book with a trusted massage specialist. Absolute Male Massage is a leading massage agency in Covent Garden, and its there that youll be able to access the best massage experiences in the capital. A trained, knowledgeable masseuse will caress you from head to toe, paying close attention to every part of your body. Available for both incall and outcall appointments in Central London, an appointment with a therapist from Absolute Male Massage is really easy to fit into your schedule.


Start a journey to a healthier you

Now that you know just how beneficial massage can be, theres no excuse not to treat yourself to one. By making a professional full body massage a regular part of your schedule, you will be feeling like a whole new man in no time at all! So give Absolute Male Massage a call and start your journey to a better you today.

Meet a Manchester Outcall Escort Tonight

Meet a Manchester Outcall Escort Tonight

Book One of The Sexiest Babes in Town


If youre thinking of booking a Manchester escort, then give Manchester Elite a call. Its there youll find the best outcall escorts.


Fed up of spending another night alone? Then dont twiddle your thumbs waiting for the perfect girl to show up call one up instead! By hiring a hot outcall escort, you can have a gorgeous girl come to visit you at a location of your choice. The possibilities are endless in a city like Manchester. You could hook up at a top nightclub, dine at a famous restaurant or kick back in a five-star hotel room. So, where can you find the best ones in the city? At Manchester Elite of course!


Book with the number one agency

Its important to always hire your escort from a trusted agency. Manchester Elite are the number one agency in the city thanks to their friendly team and simple booking process. Their elite escorts in Manchester have been hand-picked for their gorgeous good looks and adventurous attitudes, and make the perfect date for any outcall appointment in the city.


Benefits of an outcall appointment

So, why outcall? Well, with an outcall escort you can call the shots. You dont have to spend any time travelling if you dont want to, as the escort can come straight to your door. Or you can take the opportunity to hit some of your favourite restaurants and bars in the city. With an outcall you can book an escort when and where it suits you, making it a much better option for those with busy schedules.


A Manchester night out

The best outcall escorts in the city can often be found at Manchesters hottest locations. They are the ideal dinner companions, and will fit right in at the most renowned restaurants in the area. They also love to party, and are regulars at the best clubs in Manchester. A great outcall escort will approach a night out in Manchester with an open-minded attitude, and will have fun wherever you end up!


A sensual night in

When it comes to an escort appointment, lots of men feel much more comfortable at home or their Manchester hotel. Its much easier to relax and let go in surroundings that are safe and familiar. The girls at Manchester Elite are available to visit a wide range of addresses across the city, and can be trusted to arrive in good time. Once youre ready, shell begin to wow you with her skills of seduction.


Discretion is guaranteed

A lot of men worry that their secret will be revealed when they hire an outcall escort. After all, theres much more chance of you coming across other people, and inviting a stranger into your home or hotel requires a lot of trust. Well, you can rely on the Manchester Elite babes to be discreet and professional at all times. They will never do anything to damage your good reputation, and will be on their best behaviour at all times.

Book yourself an elite escort tonight!

So, will you treat yourself to a night with a gorgeous Manchester outcall escort? The ladies at Manchester Elite are in very high demand, so you should book without delay if you want to secure the girl of your choice! After youve booked, you can look forward to an unforgettable evening with a truly talented temptress.

Where to Find Cute Cardiff Escorts

Where to Find Cute Cardiff Escorts

Introducing the Number One Escort Agency


If youre looking for a cute Cardiff companion, head straight to Portfolio Escorts.


Are you looking for the perfect girl in Cardiff? Then you should consider hiring an escort. Of course, you should be very choosy when it comes to hiring your Cardiff companion. After all, you want to be sure that youre going to get the best possible experience. So where can you find the best Cardiff escorts? At Portfolio Escorts of course! This elite agency has established themselves as the number one source of escorts in the Welsh capital, and theyre the go-to agency for men from all walks of life. Heres what makes them so special.


A team who care

When you get in touch with Portfolio Escorts, youll be cared for by a friendly, committed team. Their number one priority is that youre happy with your entire Portfolio experience, and theyll do everything that they can to make the booking process as stress-free as possible. They will answer all of your questions honestly, will treat all requests with respect, and will make sure that youre matched with a suitable girl.


Carefully selected Cardiff escorts

The ladies at Portfolio Escorts have been carefully selected, and they will wow you with their beauty. The agency team will only recruit girls who have that certain special something, a seductive quality that makes them stand out from the crowd. So you can look forward to spending the evening with a lady who exudes sexiness and will attract admiring glances wherever you go.


Experienced ladies

When you book with Portfolio, youre going to be able to choose from a selection of girls with a huge amount of experience. Thanks to Portfolios popularity, these ladies have been on all kinds of dates in Cardiff. They have extensive experience of corporate events, making them an ideal plus one to your next business function. They are equally at home making the most of the Cardiff nightlife so hire one to party with you all night! Whether youre working or playing, theyll be up for it.


Discreet and professional

Portfolio Escorts have a reputation as one of the most discreet agencies in the city, and thats down to the highly professional attitudes of their escorts. They will never put you in an embarrassing or awkward situation and will always follow your lead when youre out in public together. You can expect them to dress appropriately for your date too, which is something that a lot of men do worry about. After your appointment, shell keep her lips firmly sealed. After all, a true lady never kisses and tells.


Talented temptresses

The escorts at this top Cardiff agency boast some incredible skills of seduction and are guaranteed to blow your mind in the bedroom. Over the years theyve really honed their skills, and they will be able to give you exactly what you need. So whether youre looking for a sweet, intimate Girlfriend Experience or want to bring one of your most risqu fantasies to life, youll be in very capable hands.


Book your cheeky Cardiff escort today!

The time has come for you to pick up the phone and book a cute Cardiff escort for a night of fun. These girls are so friendly, open-minded and adaptable, and will turn any Cardiff night out into an unforgettable experience. So go on, get in there and secure yourself the date of a lifetime! Youll thank yourself (and us!) later.

romantic couple

5 Reasons To Stay In When Its Hot In The City

A Night In With a Gorgeous London Escort

The weather may be gorgeous, but sometimes staying in can be just as much fun as going out especially when you have the right company.

The weather is hotting up in the capital, and for most people its a great chance to get out there and make the most of everything that London has to offer. However, not everyone fancies heading out to a bar or club in the sweltering heat. If you want to enjoy a night in, why not hire a beautiful companion from a top London Escort Agency? With her for company, you wont need to go out to have a good time. Here are five reasons why you should stay in to beat the heat this summer.

A night in a plush hotel room

Making an occasion of a night in is a great excuse to splash out on a room in one of Londons best hotels. You and your Agency Barracuda escort can relax in beautiful surroundings, order room service, and crack open a bottle of something special from the mini bar. So you can see the luxurious side of the city, but dodge the searing heat!

No crowds

If you stay in for the evening, youll get to avoid the crowds. Heading out to spend a summer evening in the city is all well and good but everyone else will have had the same idea! So when it comes to nabbing an alfresco table or getting into a rooftop bar, youll have much less chance of doing so. Leave the partying till the weather is little cooler, and stay in with your escort instead.

A relaxing massage

Staying in for the night means that you can enjoy a sensual massage at the hands of your escort. If youve been working a little too hard lately, theres no better way to unwind. Youll be able to lay back and let your escort take care of you, slowly working the tension from all of your muscles. Youll feel much more relaxed than if youd spent the night in a hot, packed club.

No need to dress up

Its hard to dress for the heat sometimes, particularly if youre heading out to a bar or restaurant. If you stay in for the evening, theres no need to get dressed up. You can spend the night in cool, comfy clothes, with no worries about whether youre wearing the right clothes to get past the bouncers at your favourite club. If your appointment really goes well, youll be able to shun clothes altogether!

Fulfil a fantasy

If you stay in with your escort, youll have a few hours to fulfil one of your wildest fantasies. The best escorts in town are highly skilled and adventurous and are the perfect girls to make your dreams come true. So whether you want to try out something a little bit daring or have a very risqu fantasy in mind, turn up the air con and settle in for an explosive night!

Nights in have never been so much fun!

Will you beat the heat by staying in with your escort? With more hot weather on the way, were betting that lots of gentlemen will opt for sultry nights in rather than heading out to party. With the beautiful, friendly girls at Agency Barracuda offering a discreet and professional service, theres no reason not to pick up the phone!