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Agency or Individual escort

When choosing an escort do you hire from an escort agency? Or opt for an individual escort?

Usually people do hire escorts from actual agencies like DD London Escorts, but are there any benefits to this? Well, escort agencies specialise in the business, which has its advantages.

Hiring escorts from agencies

Agencies will screen escorts for quality and health, and not all of them will be accepted, and because of this you can be pretty sure you will have a good and safe experience with your escort. Escort agencies do vary in cost, from more ‘budget’ options to more premium. They will usually have full information on their websites and you should be able to find any answers to your questions there, or by calling the agency up.

Sometimes when contacting an escort agency either by phone or through their website, you will be asked several questions which determine your personality and requirements. This does actually also serve as a background check and verifies you.

High end escort agencies will use the answers you gave to choose a suitable escort for you, which in turn will lead to a better experience all round.

Usually escorts that work with agencies are very professional and will normally have been briefed on the answers you gave, so they can mentally prepare themselves and understand your needs and requirements, all of which again lead up to a better time for you. Often clients, when they find a good agency that fulfills their needs, will stick with the same agency, becoming a ‘regular’.

You should always let the agency know your requirements, is there anything in particular you want your escort to wear? And tell them any fetishes or kinks, again this is all so they can match you with a perfect escort that they have available, leading to a more fun encounter.

Of course there are some bad escort agencies, but they are few and far between, a reputable one will always offer you the best possible service, attempting to accomodate your requirements and always setup a booking with an escort you have agreed on. However some escorts opt to work without an agency, and they don’t necessarily do this because they haven’t been accepted by the agency, or passed its screening test. They simply do not want to share their money with the agency.

Usually escorts start their careers working with an agency and then move on to work on their own, utilising the internet and various sex services websites to build up their client base.

There is no real difference in booking through an agency or choosing an escort that works on their own, as always make sure you do some research in to both before making your choice, and more importanly have fun!


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